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ref date:13 Feb 2000 (EU)
European Convention on Human rights a splendid opportunity for Scots

The full text of the convention which becomes legally binding in Scotland and England this October can be found at ECHR

This European law will serve the Scots who decide to use it in MANY beneficial ways.

In MY opinion the most important is we can DEMAND that the Scottish executive produce ALL documentation that pertains to the lie they hold to that we Scots are subsidised by London.

We all know its a lie, but theres nothing like seeing the figures in public.

Then and only then will the sheepish labour voter realise that they've been suckered for almost a century into supporting a party that cares ONLY for its grip on power in ENGLAND.

Why a human rights issue? Basically we have been slandered by Westminster as a nation of leeches - now we prove once and for all that is a lie, the convention provides for the protection of minorities within states and the Scots are a minority within the pseudo state of the "UK".