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ref date:29 Oct 1997 (WBA)
Labour Euro MPs ordered to shut up

LABOUR'S disciplinary crisis in the European parliamentary group has worsened.

Four Labour MP's, whose responsibility is to the voters who elected them and NOT to their party are being disciplined by Tony Blair and his right wing hooligans for having the audacity to speak freely!

So much for Open government from Labour

Blair has issued gagging orders , under whose rules no Labour MP may speak out of tone against the party. Sound like 1984 to you? Sound democratic to you?

SO what they stood under 'Labours banner' for election, they still walked the streets and held meetings to not only support the Labour manifesto, but also to sell themselves to voters. If they feel the party has lied to them, it may also have lied to the voters, that's for the public and NOT Tony Blair to decide.

The person first, the party second. Blairs behaviour is much like Margaret Thatchers iron hand over her cabinet. Can you really tell the difference between Blair and the Thatcherites?

The four suspended MPs are Alex Falconer (Mid Scotland and Fife), Hugh Kerr (Essex West), Michael Hindley (Lancashire South) and Ken Coates (Nottingham North and Chesterfield).

Four Scottish MPs have objected to Blairs behaviour, they are Mr John McAllion (Dundee East), Mr Norman Godman (Greenock and Inverclyde), Mr Ian Davidson (Glasgow Pollok), and Mr Dennis Canavan (Falkirk West).