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ref date:18 Aug 2000 (EDU)
Scottish school students blighted by Londons interference

Education is meant to be a devolved power in Scotland, a power that Scotlands parliament is meant to have absolute control over.

This is farcical as they do not control the purse strings, London does, and is laughable as London sponsored, Nu-Scottish-Labour supported quangos have meddled and threatened Scotlands teaching establishment into implementing poorly designed exam systems - the Higher Still.

This exam system and its useless course work tries to blind parents to its inadequacies by constant testing of kids, and overload work levels for teachers.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority ( a London sponsored quango) has so fouled up the issuance and marking of this years Higher Still's that many Scots pupils are having their chances of ever attending University diminished.

Aberdeen and Napier universities have now said they'll ignore the SQA and make university offers on the information they already have about Scottish school applicants.

Scottish parents should look on this SQA foulup in the poorest light and the discriminatory outcome of the exam results handling as an infringement of their (and their child's) basic European Human Rights and take WESTMINSTER and its Scottish SQA quango to court.