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ref date:15 Jan 2001 (TRA)
People want entire train system OUT of the private sector

Thatcher was the proponent of privatise everything, it will lead to more competition choices and hence lower costs. But it didn't work like that. We've seen fuel prices and train prices in particular rise at factors 10 times higher than inflation for years now as Blair continued Thatchers policies.

We've seen fewer trains, more accidents, less services and higher fares and now the people in Scotland and England have said, end the experiment put the trains and their tracks BACK to British rail. And yes, the statistics say it was better, faster and cheaper!

The deregulation of Californias power has showed the lunatic fringe in that state that privatisation does NOT always work. Sometimes the government needs to keep control from the gougers and rip off artists that run trains in the "UK" and power in the USA.