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ref date:2 Jul 1998 (EDU)
Students fees STILL being pushed by Fuhrer Blair

Another lie on education from Blairs merry men in London, being pushed down the gullets of the public in Scotland and England.

The fees of 1000 pounds a year per student are being hammered into law by Blair and Labour in the same way as the Tories hammered their Union Bashing policies and the poll tax into place.

And this after Labour promised more available university education

But the leading Scottish Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews are becoming refuges for Oxford/Cambridge rejects - these two Scottish Universities accept many students from Eton, Wellington, Charterhouse and Westminster schools. These children have parents who can afford the 1000 pounds per annum. One MP was quoted as having said of this situation "If that's the egalitarian system that we were intending to defend in the lobby tonight, I want no part of that"