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ref date:29 Oct 1999 (EDU)
Scottish student leaders may well win out over Labour dogma

Kenny Hannah, the president of one of Scotlands biggest student Unions said of the Labour plans to leave Scots students in debt that : "Our position has struck a chord with the people of Scotland. We want to see the retention of a maintenance grant for lower income families and for more students. We also want to see the abolition of tuition fees. We are also opposed to any system of funding that leaves students in debt once they have finished their courses."

If Blair gets his way and students have to pay fees, get no grants, no housing benefits, then they will be slaves to their employers, knowing they have to pay off their University debts at all costs. This makes them vulnerable to employer pressure to keep low wages and bad working conditions.

So much for Blairs third way and moves to a better society in the 21st Century!