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ref date:8 Aug 2001 (ECON)
Edinburgh festival mind set needs to spread Scotland wide

The Edinburgh festival is the worlds BIGGEST multi-cultural event and it has been for decades.

From low-art to hi-art, from street performer to ballet, its all in Edinburgh. Its an amazing social, entertainment and cultural success and yet the Scotsman paper(well known for its knock-Scotland, pro-Westminster stances) said through its writer Jimmy Reid that the festival should be a write off as patrons and the festival was a playground for "left-liberal petty bourgeois culture vultures" and that it represented "They (festival goers/artists)are part of the elite that poisons the springs of Scotland's cultural life."

This man is delusional. We need more of this PRO SCOTTISH success story that brings every joy possible to mankind in one month when the population of Edinburgh DOUBLES!

We dont need the weak, London influenced 'visitscotland' approach of haggis and old battles to represent the Scots or what they have to offer the world as a NATION.