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ref date:25 Mar 2001 (ENV)
Scots have no government minister for the environment

With the demise of Sam Galbraith, Scotland now has one man looking after ALL environmental concerns and fishing/farming - two briefs that fight continuously. Unless Ross Finnie is superman and truly can separate out these conflict of interest sections, we can see more pollution in Scotland and more interference in Scottish matters as McLeish (Finnies boss) has shown he is a London YES-MAN.

Bruce Crawford, the SNP's shadow transport and environment minister, said "What are we playing at?"

He said "We are failing on recycling, running at half the target level. Our carbon dioxide levels are slipping behind those in England. We are missing our targets on renewable energy and our beaches are a disgrace."

"Then there are the conflicts between agriculture and the environment such as the use of pesticides, the use of human sewage on fields, the decline of hedgerows, the pollution caused by salmon farming, and the whole issue of genetically modified food."

"Who is going to stand for Scotland on these issues? Ross Finnie is going to have to develop a split personality because he is going to have to wear two hats."