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ref date:23 Apr 2003 (econ)
Scottish fishing fleet devastated
As the EU tries hard to preserve dwindling fish stocks, which in the long run is good for fisherman and the fish - London has been actively doing its best to destroy Scotlands fishing fleet. Now 18% of the total 'white fish' fleet is selling out to Westminsters miniscule (TAXABLE) cash offer in order to pay off debts. These fisherman can see no future in fishing for as long as London controls policy and Scotland has no direct voice over its affairs in Europe.

Almost 3000 people will lose their jobs both on and offshore as a result.

Alex Salmond, SNP leader at Westminster, added: "Gordon Brown is going to make £15m profit out of the misery of Scottish fishing communities. He may sit for a Scottish constituency but as a London chancellor he has totally ignored the Scottish economy."