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ref date:27 Sep 1999 (ECON)
Investment into Scotland TO BE RIGGED BY LONDON FROM NOW ON

This site has said for almost two years that one of the major weaknesses of ANY devolved Scottish parliament was that foreign companies trying to invest in Scotland would be bribed or blocked by London into moving South into England to protect THEIR jobs.

Originally it was to be the DTI to veto our economy' moves to help fellow Scots, now it is to be the Cabinet office IN LONDON ...instead. BAIR LIED. See link above.

This is a disgrace. The devolved parliament is a farce, its very existence a slap in the face to the Scots. So much for devolution.

The SNP MSP Alex Neil said "My concern is that Scottish jobs will be sold down the river by a backdoor stitch-up agreement or diktat from Tony Blair to Donald Dewar. Itís high time Dewar and his ministers stopped acting like Londonís cronies and lackies and started defending the rights of Scotland and the Scottish parliament."