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ref date:29 Jun 2001 (SI)
Scots to be disenfranchised

Plans promoted and supported by Tony Blair got underway today to disenfranchise the Scots. By rearranging voting boundaries, Labour votes can be secured, by removing proportional representation, the Liberals and SNP in Scotland can be gagged.

All that will be left is the useless puppet 'parliament' in Edinburgh, full of Labour supporters who take ALL their orders from London. What a colony.

It is understood the government anticipates a draft document by spring 2003, ensuring any final changes are completed in time for the Scottish parliamentary elections in 2007.

There are two distinct stages to the review but just a single report will be presented to the secretary of state. The first stage will be to review the number of Westminster constituencies in Scotland under the 1986 parliamentary constituencies act.

Changes arising from the Scotland act now require the commission to apply the electoral quota for England to determine the number of Scottish seats at the Westminster parliament.

At present there are 72 Scottish MPs. If their numbers were reduced by bringing Scottish constituencies in line with English ones in terms of population - from 55,000 to around 70,000 - then the current number looks set to fall to around 57. Those remaining will be Labour mainly if Scots voting habits dont change and they will NEVER support Scotland and Scots issues, but they'll support their putrid party instead.

The second stage will be to review the Holyrood constituencies under the terms of the 1998 Scotland act, which - controversially - links a reduction in MPs to MSPs.

Theoretically, a similar reduction in MSPs to the one envisaged for MPs would see Holyrood numbers fall from 129 to around 102.