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ref date:20 Feb 1999 (WBA)
Labour leadership RIGGING its Scottish manifesto for May vote

Blairs idea of free speech and individual party member accountability was flung to the wind when he refused to let EVERY and ALL Labour party members\vote on what should and should not be included in Nu-Labours manifesto for the Scottish parliamentary elections in May.

Dennis Canavan a rebel Labour MP who has been defying the sleaze and downright malice Tony Blairs London based thugs have shown to grass roots Labour voters said "One of the greatest legacies John Smith (The Labour party leader , a Scottish Lawyer who unfortunately died and let Blair take control) left us was One-Member-One-Vote (OMOV) and yet quite clearly that principle has now been abandoned by new Labour.They (Blairs executive in London) will only allow OMOV in circumstances where the result is predictable and acceptable to the leadership. It is another example of the control freak tendency, wanting to dictate everything."

And again Labour voters: Say baaaaaaa baaaaaa. Even sheep CAN do that.

The SNP will make good use of this undemocratic and unrepresentative attitude of Blairs.