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ref date:27 Sep 2002 (tra)
Scotland to build super Heathrow?
This web site , many leading political and business figures and even the Times newspaper in London, have asked the same question for years: Why do Scots have to fly via London to get ANYWHERE when they want to fly into Scotland? Why do transatlantic airlines have to stay in crowded, expensive Heathrow, spending fuel $$$$ for no reason in endless holding patterns?

Here is some of the history.

The only sour grapes came from the LABOUR weenies, set on protecting the interests of Edinburgh and Prestwick airports, who would lose revenue to a state of the art airport that would TAKE traffic also AWAY from Heathrow.

Donald Anderson, leader of Edinburgh City Council, said: "There would have to be a very compelling case to look again at building a new airport and closing Edinburgh and Glasgow airports. The problems would be very serious and they would have to come up with something that's overwhelming, and I would be surprised if that was the case."

Tom Wilson, managing director of Glasgow Prestwick International Airport, said: "One way or another Glasgow Prestwick is going to grow and thrive whether a central Scotland airport is built or not. It would take many many years to become a reality and there's a lot of sunk investment that would need to be written off at Glasgow and Edinburgh."

Unless Scotland builds a BIG, attractive NEW airport with superb road and rail links, rather than the dismal mess that is especially Edinburgh Turnhouse, London will keep ALL the revenue away from Scotland and Scots will continue to have to pay taxes and extra airfares JUST for the 'privilege' of traversing Heathrow when they want to get home...