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ref date:21 Sep 2000 (SI)
Labours Scottish budget rips Scots off as usual

Jack McConnell, introduced a three year spending plan for Scotland, that had its fiscal amount set via the rip-off Barnett formula, the scheme used by Westminster to give crumbs of cash from the huge tax surplus Scotland has pumped into Londons coffers for decades.

In a blatant, pro-London, pro-Westminster, pro-Union ANTI SCOTTISH statement McConnell added "In a Scotland divorced from the rest of the UK, we would not be deliberating over the finer details of an expansionary budget, we would be untangling the chaos and havoc caused by separation"

He means that we should be happy with what London gives us, forget the fact that the oil price rise this last year alone should have DOUBLED what London owes all Scots.

He also refused to admit that even with this new budget, that the Scots would have lower levels of public spending that they had when the Tories were kicked out and man-mouth Blair came to power to woo Southern English votes.