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ref date:12 Mar 2001 (ECON)
Foot in Mouth disease spreads

No, its not a typographic error. Remember when Thatcher, then Major and then Blair said that BSE was 'contained' and 'under control', all we saw and continue to see is more cases of BSE and CJD developing in humans?

Blairs inept Labour government is set to ruin Scottish farming and kill off Scottish tourism also. Many tourists will simply NOT venture into Scotlands countryside any more. They'll be scared off by RIDICULOUS petrol prices and a nagging doubt the meat they eat is contaminated and that they'll carry back a cattle killer into their own country. I can see the USA imposing 'exclusion' zones on the "UK" as a result of this.

But heh, all Labour voting idiots in Scotland, carry on helping screw your country, keep voting Labour. Its just a shame foot and mouth wouldn't attack sheep-voters also......