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ref date:31 Aug 2000 (EDU)
Scottish school exam reporting system a complete foul up

The entire Scottish school marking computer system and the new exams it is meant to support are fouled up, probably beyond repair.

Altough education is an issue devolved to the Scottish parliament constant interference and bully boy tactics pushed by Westminster foisted the "Higher Still" exam system on Scottish schools, along with a poorly designed and obviously UNTESTED computer system to back it up.

Now there are thousands of Scottish school leavers who are paying the price for Londons interference in Scottish issues.

Their exams and courses were based on a flawed teaching syllabus, and the marking of their exams has been fouled up by the new computer system.

The Scots people need to send an emphatic NO MORE to London, telling them to get the hell out of matters that don't concern them. The people who supported this mess in Scotland, all Labour party idiots of course, need to be fired and perhaps taken to court for the destruction they have brought about on countless young lives.