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ref date:20 Nov 2000 (WBA)
British foreign minister insults Scotland

Peter Hain, a London based idiot claimed that Scotland was in a better position to influence world affairs by remaining part of the so called "UK".

He said "There is a lot to be said for being part of the only state which is a member of the EU, Nato, the G8 and the Commonwealth, with a permanent seat on the Security Council of the United Nations."

Most Scots don't give a dam , Hain. We want education, health care, jobs, less pollution and a direct voice in Europe. If London wants to keep on playing UN footsie in a post Empire world good luck to them.

Of course the UN seat at the security council might be withdrawn from London should the worlds 5th biggest oil producer (Scotland) get upset with their behaviour.....

The Scots would also be free agents, just now we get what London thinks we want and there is nothing we can do about it.

An independent Scotland would have 16 seats in Europe directly, our own trade missions and could set our own policies NOT tow Londons.

A look at Scotland in Europe, NOT the UK