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ref date:17 Dec 2001 (ECON)
Scotland would be financially solvent when independent

The government expenditure and revenue survey (Gers) shows the expenditure for Scotland was 33.8bn in 1999-00, the equivalent of 9.8% of the UK total, and one percentage point above the Scottish population share (8.6%) in 1999.

The revenues raised in Scotland, excluding North Sea oil, were 29.8bn. The 4bn deficit represents 5.5% of Scotland's GDP.

Mrs Liddell, who will try to contain the debate in the run-up to the Scottish parliamentary elections of 2003, said last night: "The expected publication of the Gers shows we are much stronger together within the United Kingdom and we would be much weaker apart, and it underlines that the proponents of fiscal autonomy for Scotland want to make Scotland economically weaker and Scottish men and women poorer.

    This proves that Scotland would be financially solvent as a free country and an EU member. Why?

    Oil and GAS revenue for 1999-2000 would have exceeded the 4bn shortfall easily, and once Scotland said NO to paying for the British army (ENGLISH ARMY) and its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction (trident) and its weapons of mass destruction research (Aldermaston) we'd have a surplus!