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ref date:4 Mar 2000 (WBA)
SNP reaffirm desire to make Scotland independent

After much trailing round and round the mulberry bush the SNP have now firmly stated that Scottish Independence - no devolved parliament, and no more London ruling the Scots is the parties number one aim.

John Swinney, the party's deputy leader, has drafted a resolution making it clear that independence will be a key element of the Westminster campaign.

He said: "This resolution is a product of a consultation exercise I carried out around the country. We're putting forward a resolution that encapsulates a very clear strategy for the party over a defined period. Obviously at the top of the agenda, as it always has been, is our determination to win Scottish independence."

Alex Salmond's message as party convenor stated: "We intend to prepare for victory in the next Scottish election and thereafter to organise and win a referendum on independence. Each electoral challenge between now and then will be a further milestone on the road to our objective of national freedom."