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ref date:12 Nov 2000 (WBA)
Freedom of speech under attack in USA and UK simultaneously

THE Sunday Times is preparing a legal challenge to the government's growing practice of obtaining injunctions against whistleblowers by using the law of confidence rather than the Official Secrets Act.

President Clinton has to veto a bill last week that the Republicans tried to squeeze through that would make any for of information being divulged a serious crime, even if it were in the public interest.

Here we see the USA and the "UK" in step again trying to deny citizens the right to obey their conscience and have freedom of speech. Need we remind Downing Street and the White House they are NOT clones of the dictatorial lunatics in Beijing?

Last year Washington and London both tried to introduce heavy handed unaccountable electronic snooping measures that are illegal under the American Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights - see here