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ref date:27 Apr 1999 (SI)
Sean Connery says Scotland must be free and the media are biased

Native Scots, world renouned actor and supporter of Scottish independence, Sean Connery SNP spoke last night to say Scotland needs to be an equal amongst the nations of the world again.

Using a prepared speech to keep his calm at the barrage of lies coming from the mouths of London controlled "Scottish media" Sean made a few compelling remarks to bolster support for freedom, rather than subservience to London.

He said: "I have never in my life witnessed or experienced such shameful abuse by this Scottish media. I am ashamed of it and I am angry. I know the game was to provoke me. Well, you succeeded."

"My position on Scotland has never changed in 30-odd years. Scotland should be nothing less than equal with all the other nations of the world."

He went on to say Londons interference made the control freaks in London happy, and no one else "Well, the control freaks have blown it away. They have replaced it with fear and intimidation, the very same way that others have before them."

"We are about to have our own parliament, if it is to succeed it must be democratic and all the voices of all the parties must be heard. We have waited nearly 300 years, my hope is that it will evolve with dignity and integrity and it will truly reflect the new voice of Scotland."