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ref date:22 Jun 2000 (SI)
SNP Blackford versus Salmond

In spite of appearances and despite the fact the SNP has debts (which party does not!), the real argument here is about whether or not the SNP should adopt the hard line against London and lay the truth about independence in front of the Scots electorate AGAIN next May.

Alex Salmond, the SNP leader has adopted the softly softly approach, trying not to stir up ridiculous fears and lies from Westminster that idiot voters in Scotland listened to last time. Ian Blackford wants the Scots to be MADE to understand that their freedom has no price and that independence would help Scotlands economy and all its population, in spite of the scare mongering London uses to try and prevent Scottish independence.

Who will win out in September? Its hard to say, but if Mr Salmond has an agenda on independence that is NOT so softly softly he had better swallow his pride and talk to Ian Blackford who was a fine treasurer and is still and asset to the SNP and a champion for Scottish independence, after all, thats what the SNP is all about.

The SNP should be demanding FULL DISCLOSURE of ALL documents that London claims shows we cant go it alone....and stop the in-fighting.