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ref date:16 May 2000 (SI)
SNP quite correct to decry Scottish parliament achievements

Its been a shambles since it started. With the liberals backing out of every pledge they made to their Scottish voters and the Scottish labour MSPs grovelling to Westminsters every nudge.

The SNP are right. It has NOT been a blazing success so far.

Independence is the solution. The only 'messy nationalism' is Londons determination to keep Scotland as her last colony, and this is unacceptable in the European Union. We are Scots, not "Brits". Our values are generally different, our opinions are often different, but Westminster continues to suppress our ability to grow at every turn. We are cut out of European decision making, denied access to the statistics that show how WE subsidise London and called petty when we ask for basic human right to be free.

Westminster had better shake of its ideas of empires past.