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ref date:4 Jan 1999 (CD)
SNP defence policy gaff

In a blunder that is right up there with Blairs recent faltering over the launch of the Euro an SNP gent made a rather bad blunder!

Stuart Crawford, a tank squadron commander during the Gulf war in 1991, was appointed to the SNP's "cabinet of spokespeople" 11 days ago. He is also standing as a SNP candidate in the Scottish parliament elections.

His academic life led him to right a paper that merely contemplated an independent Scotland using missiles for defence, missiles with bio or chemical warheads!

This is totally unacceptable of course

HOWEVER the Scotsman paper and Labour lackies ought to remember that it is LONDON who pursues nuclear and bio weapons development in Aldermaston in the South of Enland and all their fine words can't change that!

Alex Salmond ought to remove Stuart and at the same time remind everyone of Londons current complicity in bioweapon and nuclear weapon technology.