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ref date:20 Sep 1999 (SI)
SNP man miles off target when he says British is OK

Andrew Wilson, an SNP high flyer who wants to see the gradual approach taken by Scots as they move slowly towards independence has made the blunder that ought to end his political career.

He said that the Scots shouldn't worry about voting SNP and hence voting for independence and still feel OK about calling themselves "British".

The Islands may exist, but the word is a swear word - its that simple. The "B" word.

All it stands for is 300 years of exploitation of our people, our resources, subservience to a NON Scottish Royal family and rivers of blood spent making vast profits to build up Londons coffers. It stands for representation at Westminster that has been TOTALLY ineffective.

Its now stands for 1 million SCOTSMEN and SCOTSWOMEN living in poverty - no Andrew, feeling British is NOT allright. It is a rancid, archaic collection of jingoistic clap trap that needs to be flushed from everything Scotland should be next century. No Union Jacks. No British. Just independent Scots and English trading and living side by side with NO interference from London anymore. The English need our business as much as we need theirs. Heres to independence, Scottish and English. NOT British.