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ref date:20 Oct 1997 (EU)
Labour puts dealers BEFORE Monetary Union

The Labour chancellor made it clear that '5 tests' would have to be passed before he would call on Tony Blair to put Scotland and England into the European Monetary system, ditch the outmoded "UK" pound and finally embrace Europe

This looks like the tasks given to Conan the Barbarian rather than the acts of a modern democratic society
Hidden shallowly beneath the veneer is the labour party bowing to pressure from well heeled financiers in the City of London to protect their interests, rather than that of the people of the countries.

The tasks for 'study' are:

                 * The impact on jobs.

                 * The impact on investment.

---------->>>>>  * The impact on financial services.  (HERES THE RUB)

                 * The flexibility of the economies.

		 * The convergence of the business cycles.

Why waste this money and time? The other European countries have performed these studies and decided for better or worse the Euro and full Union is the way forward for business , security and the peoples benefit.

How Tory of Labour to sit with the fenceposts firmly up their posteriors!