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ref date:10 Oct 2002 (si)
US special relationship means they test weapons of mass destruction on us
The United States tested chemical nerve agents in Britain during the 1960s in conjunction with the British government, newly declassified Pentagon reports show.

It also secretly tested chemical and biological weapons on American soil at the time, as well as in Canada.

A series of tests, known as Rapid Tan I, II, and III, in 1967 and 1968, used sarin and VX, as well as the nerve agents tabun and soman, at the chemical weapons facility in Porton Down, England, according to the documents obtained this week.

Is this what 'special' relationship means? That the USA gets to test weapons of mass destruction without the publics knowledge or consent?

VERY nice Mr Blair... what little tests are you helping your 'allies' with now I wonder?