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ref date:13 May 2002 (econ)
Scottish needle attraction not so sharp
The director of the Glasgow science centre has resigned, and the tourist attraction will probably go the same ay as the millennium dome, to be sold off for a song to one of Labours cash donation friends.

June 2001: Day after opening, the centre is forced to close its doors to because it does not have an entertaiment licence. Council inspection then raises safety fears about barriers, leading to more delays.
July 2001: Imax cinema closes after cooling system leaks. The 10m, 423ft Glasgow Tower shuts after 10 visitors are stranded at the top. It emerges the glass lifts are too heavy.
October 2001: Official opening of tower, but Alex Mosson, Glasgow's lord provost, forced to postpone officialtrip to top because of technical troubles.
December 2001: Centre named Newcomer of the Year in Good Britain Guide 2002's tourism awards. Opening of 1.5 planetarium delayed.
March 2002: Glasgow Tower closed again after engineers discover it is sinking.
May 2002: Staff warned to expect redundancies as new business plan brought to bear.