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ref date:20 Oct 1997 (HEA)
Scotlands largest city ignored

Scotlands capital may be Edinburgh, but its largest city is Glasgow.

New funds released by London to help rejuvenate some of the areas most hit by 18 years of Tory party neglect will have no impact on this city of over 1 million people.

On November 11 last year the Scottish Office announced the winning bids in its Programme for Partnership initiative. A dozen projects would share around 42m in Government funds, the lion's share of what used to be the Urban Programme budget.

The rate per capita for improvements was the lowest in Scotland or England and shows just what contempt London has for Scottish issues.

Those in highly deprived areas will now continue to languish in conditions even the European Union said were poverty stricken.

It was these people who voted most strongly for the Scottish parliament, hopefully they will now vote SNP and not Labour to populate the new parliament in Edinburgh.