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ref date:16 Jun 1998 (ECON)
Scottish employer outlines devolution fears

Unlike the chief executive of the Scottish Widows insurance firm, based in Edinburgh, but with its heart set in Londons values, Colin Glass, chief executive of a large retailing group (Watson and Philip) has said "In a sense, devolution means that Scotland has been given the keys to her very own toy box. Of course it is tempting to have some fun and go a bit wild. But that's not the way to create long-term success"

Glass has said that as long as the Scottish parliament keeps a level head and keeps costs reasonable for Scotlands many large firms, these firms would stand by Scotlands move towards independence and firmly back the first stage (if it be one) of devolution.

The SNP need to pay particular attention to men like Glass. He has the countries future in mind, with ideals set on business success, unlike others who blubber on about how we Scots can't manage our affairs and how they'll leave for the South if we get control of our country back from London.