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ref date:11 Jun 1999 (ECON)
Genetically modified luddites

Linda McCartney and her veggie foods. A thought for us all as we strive to keep those pounds off our bodies. However, comments like "This is not a new thing for us. As far back as 1995, Linda was saying, ‘I’d rather have my own food grown by Mother Nature than by the chemical industry’ SCARE ME!

People like Paul McCartney who can't tell the difference between organically grown crops and crops grown with the aid of chemical fertilisers and crops bred to be disease resistant should be quiet until they understand the subject matter.

Plants mutate ALL THE TIME its the most natural thing in the world, all food research does is encourage those mutations that mean we have plants that don't die in frost, that have heavier yields and often DO NOT require as much pesticide or chemical fertiliser to grow!

SCARE MONGERING and GIMIC, the call signs of the antiGM crew!