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ref date:7 Oct 2001 (EU)
SNP MUST embrace the Euro

Jim Cuthbert, a former chief statistician at the Scottish Office, and Margaret Cuthbert, an economic consultant- a married team that have long helped the SNP fight off the lies over Scotlands economic viability when independent have told John Swinney that if the Euro comes to the "UK" before Scotland is independent then Scotland would never achieve that independence.

This couple are well respected in SNP circles, but its my opinion they are VERY wide of the mark in the Euro argument. The EU would never exclude Scotland because (at least for now) we are still a European financial and Oil and gas powerhouse. The EU needs Scotland. London might bleat to the commission if we were independent, but the Act of Union lets Scotland walk to freedom any time we please, and the EU and London better get used to the idea.

If Scots keep the the pound they vote for continuing English domination.

Having said this the Cuthberts did suggest the SNP get a public YES from the European parliament and whomever else would say YES, to a Scotland free of London by a majority vote being accepted into the E.U. Not a bad idea at all.

If the Scots vote NO to the Euro, then they play into Blairs hands, because we'll be seen as Euro-spoilers. And; even if ALL Scots vote no, we'd be swamped by Englands possible yes vote by 45million more people......