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ref date:4 Sep 1998 (HEA)
Labour helps Scottish health care

In a move that smacks of 'OLD' Labour, Donald Dewar the Scottish Secretary is to close down some of the pathetic NHS trusts that have sucked money from patient care and placed into bureaucratic pockets for years since Thatcher spawned the idea.

Mr Dewar said: "Fewer trusts will mean more of the 1,000 per man, woman and child we spend on healthcare going where it is needed, on patients and not administration.

Donald Dewar, the Scottish Secretary, helpfully pointed out at yesterday's launch of the restructured NHS that this 18 million could pay for 1,650 more hip replacements or 1,630 special baby care cases. To put it in context, 18 million would pay for one and a half days' total spending on the NHS in

My goodness, Labour doing something sensible and something it promised, was Tony (Tory) Blair asleep whilst this happened?