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ref date:1 Oct 1999 (WBA)
Scotsman paper gets some of its fire back in its belly

The Scotsman paper was the most outspoken critic of Scottish independence at the election in may and did a great deal of damage to the SNP without ever offering up proof that the Scots were , in theory, subsidised by English tax payers pounds.

Now however, with Labour ministers in the Scottish parliament taking more than conversational tips from interested business lobbyists - the Scotsman paper is insisting, VERY RIGHTLY, that the meeting to investigate this be open and publically accountable.

Well done.

The Scottish Labour executive is in Londons pocket, and Labour has NOT put an end to sleaze nor provided open government

The SNPs Michael Russell said of this cover up scenario "The conflict between the two versions of the speech raises the question of whether there has been a cover-up. " Quite clearly the First Minister’s statement (Donald Dewar talking about cash for ministerial access) does not draw a line under this matter. If there’s nothing to hide, then there’s no reason not to encourage the standards committee to have a full inquiry. The further the committee distances itself from the inquiry, the bigger the questions will be about the possibilities of a cover-up."