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ref date:1 Jul 2001 (CD)
Blair to make the innocent into criminals in secret

You are innocent until proven guilty. A statement that reflects some ideal of democracy. Now Blair has sanctioned a new unit of the police to guess that someone might be about to commit murder and REMOVE that persons rights to privacy (breaking European law).

Officers on the homicide intelligence unit, the first of its kind in the world, will use sophisticated bugging and surveillance equipment to monitor suspects even if they have not yet committed a crime.

The list of would-be killers will be compiled by analysing prison and probation service records, information from mental health agencies and social security and hospital records.

This sounds like a legal action waiting to happen.

Why not use the same 'metrics' to spot people who might NOT vote Labour, who might protest ata nuclear power plant being forced on the Scots, who might write internet columns slamming the lies and deceipt London perpetrates against the Scots every day too?