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ref date:4 Jul 2001 (HEA)
Private firms have NO place in health care

You only have to look over the Atlantic to the USA to see what mess you get when private firms, be they full of doctors (like Kaiser) or pencil pushing insurance bureacrats get into places where health care and NOT business administration should be the order of the day.

We KNOW private involvement does NOT work. Look at the failed trusts experiment. We have more dying people, longer lists and more pen pushers.

The GMB union is to pay for posters showing a nurse caring for a baby in an incubator and a pig being fed from a bucket. The slogan asks: "Who would you trust to run the NHS?"

Keep private interests who will put profit before health OUT of health care or pay the price we have seen in failed NHS trusts and that ALL Americans sorely regret - free market means NO health care.