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ref date:17 Dec 2000 (CD)
To hell with American controlled NATO

NATO has been glorious, but it's days are past. The European governments need to keep their eyes and ears open and their own defence force ready to combat threats to Europe NOT THE USA.

We dont exist to service THEIR needs and yet this is the message that came from 'bombs and bibles Bush'.

A top aide to United States President-elect George W Bush has warned that French proposals for the European Union defence force are "a dagger pointed at Nato's heart".

John Bolton, a security expert tipped to become Bush's deputy secretary of state, said the USa would STOP co-operating with "British Intelligence" unless the EU force agreed to work with NATO.

Oops, sorry Bush Baby, we are NOT your colony. Now, play like a big boy and help us wind NATO into a NEW role or we'll disband it. It costs too much money for US and European tax payers and you use it to gather military and business intelligence for US benefit anyway.