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ref date:9 Feb 1999 (HEA)
Labour to wash its hands and dump refugees in Scotland

With so many refugees from war and famine in the EU as a whole, Nu Labours idea of caring for them is to

  • Give surgery to one little girl from Iraq (who needed help) and
  • Dump refugees from SE England to the poorest areas of Scotland so they wont have to worry about them, they'll be a problem for the Scottish parliament and income starved Scottish local authorities.

    In November 1998 Jack Straw (Labour Home secretary) announced an extra 30 million package to help SE English authorities with their cash needs to help refugees.

    The accompanying Westminster bill is the forced relocation of refugees from the south-east of England to poor areas of Scotland - how humanitarian!

    Michael Thain, a spokesman who deals with housing issues for refugees said that the number of refugees in Scotland rising from 300 to 3,000. "This would put intense pressure on local authorities and we are concerned refugees could be funnelled into run-down and deprived estates where no-one wants to live"

    This is how Nu Labour helps its fellow man - Thatcher would have been proud