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ref date:29 Jan 2001 (SI)
Liddell new secretary of state for Scotland - God help us all.

Liddell said this:
"I didn't fight for devolution in all my political career to then try to put in place a system which denies that devolution," she said. "I am not going to try and stitch it up."

She went on to say "Devolution is about the Scottish Parliament making its own decisions and determining its own priorities".

Donald Dewar was an able politician and a big of a pragmatist, Liddell is a poodle sent by Blair to keep the pro Scottish-English Union together even though its an insult to the Scots.

Her track record has been one of serving the interests of Westminster and the Labour party and rolling flat anyone or any public body that disagreed with her. She's been sent because McLeish had the audacity to call Scotlands London controlled 'executive' a 'government'.

Heres Liddells history .