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ref date:18 Jan 1999 (WBA)
Members of Scottish parliament being forced to support Queen

Under an outmoded 19century ENGLISH law, members of the Scottish parliament must swear an oath of allegiance to the English Queen Elizabeth in English and then if they so wish in Scots (or Gaelic).

MSPs who fail to do so will not be paid and after two months will lose their seats.

Considering the Union of the crowns brought the start of Londons domination of Scotland in the 17th century, this is highly inappropriate.

However, the English royal familys position will no doubt evolve rapidly after the Scottish parliament sits. More Scots are anti monarchy than pro independence, so the Scottish MSPs will have to swallow their pride on this one and perhaps recite the Declaration of Arbroath that announced Scotlands unity and independence in 1325 to themselves, whilst smiling sweetly.