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ref date:24 Apr 2003 (si)
Liberals find backbone at last?
Just a week away from a Scottish parliamentary election (in which Ex pat Scots are NOT allowed to vote...) the Liberal party has told Labour to basically stuff its agenda for Scotland.

And about time.

For these last years the Liberals have towed Labours line to stay in power - however limited, but now Jim Wallace, Liberal leader, has perhaps realized an independent Scotland would not only be good for Liberals, but VERY good for Scotland.

John Swinney, the SNP leader said "Being a LibDem and supporting Labour policies is a contradiction," he argued, adding: "LibDems do not have a common agenda with Labour, but they seem to have a great deal in common with the SNP. We both want a more open and democratic Scotland."

I think even the liberals would support a call for a Scottish referendum on independence. Last time Labour counted any 'didn't vote' as votes AGAINST Scottish independence - the SNP and Liberals will not do that.

Perhaps after almost 300 years of serving Englands interests, the Scots will assert their right to independence, through the ballot box, in the same way as did the Czech and Slovak republics and countless other states after the fall of the Soviet empire.