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ref date:6 Feb 2001 (CD)
SNP pledge to fight crime with NO cost increases

Like everything else we Scots do, we work and pay tax to Westminsters coffers and see little back in return. All fines made against people in the courts also go South and are used probably to gilt the urinals in Londons high court.

The SNP say we can have 1000 more full time police by keeping the fines HERE in Scotland.

Roseanna Cunningham(SNP), shadow justice minister said "There were 15,050 police in Scotland at the end of 1997. In the intervening years that number declined to 14,676 - 374 fewer police on our streets. Those 1997 levels have still not been matched."

Blairs idea of controlling crime is to punish EVERY young person who dares set foot outside their house, putting them all under effective house arrest or curfew.