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ref date:4 Feb 2003 (si)
Scottish parliament subverting human rights?
ALL sections of the European convention on human rights are binding on the people of Scotland and its 'government' as the convention became law when the "UK" accepted it.

Now Jim Wallace, the justice minister says he wants a human rights commission to be set up in Scotland to look at broad issues.

We dont need a commission we have the LAW already. And anyone who is a European citizen can bring a courtcase against the so called Scottish parliament, a council or our slave masters in Westminster if they wish.

Wallace said "I envisage that the commission's investigations will examine practices and policies in Scottish society about which concerns have been expressed..Its role will be to investigate generic and sectoral human rights issues rather than individual complaints."

Sorry, individual complaints are what the ECHR is all about. It exists to stop governments affecting the liberty of 'citizens' across Europe. Live with that idea.