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ref date:30 Sep 2001 (WBA)
Identity cards would not stop terrorist acts

Jim wallace (the Liberal party justice minister in Scotlands 'parliament') said : "If we lived in a less benign state than we do today, identity cards could be put to a less benign use. Democracy is about liberty, so how much should you undermine that liberty in order to defend it?"

This contrasts with the lunatic Jack Straw in London who is so incredibly naieve that he thinks forcing ID cards on everyone using anti-terrorist legislation would STOP fakes from being issued or terrorists just applying for one!

As the US terrorists had American ID cards (AKA driving licenses), passports and even airline pilot documents, what good did ID cards do. NONE AT ALL.

This is BIG BROTHER invading your civil liberties again using terror in its own way and blatant lies to make you think a plastic card would protect you from a terror attack. Bull-hit.