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ref date:8 May 2000 (ECON)
Love bug virus an irrelevance in technically astute environments

Lets make this one simple. This virus, like 99.99& of all computer 'viruses' are specifically designed to affect MICROSOFT computer users, these days using the weak and insecure Outlook "browser".

If companies had any sense they would (as CNN pointed out in the USA) move their mail systems to UNIX (or LINUX) machines and use safer mail clients - that is NOT Microsoft ones....

People who use insecure systems will always be targets and victims, and microsoft doesn't give a hoot!

Why the 'cyberspies' using ILLEGAL snooping on Email that enters the so called "UK" should get excited I dont know.

All people need do is encrypt their mail with keys (codes) that are automatically destroyed and keep their mail private as the European Convention on Human Rights guarantees as of October this year!