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ref date:12 Nov 2000 (EU)
British cyber cops a step away from being prosecuted themselves

Lets be VERY clear at the outset - no one wants drug dealers, nor child porn swap meets happening on the internet, but we have laws in place ALREADY that have stiff sentences for those perpetrating these crimes

What is ILLEGAL under European law is (a) ENTRAPMENT of an individual, ie - laying bait out to tempt someone to commit a crime, as they may never have done so unless provkoed into it and (b) snooping on electronic data is illegal.

The European convention on Human Rights is legally binding on Scotland and England and makes [a] and [b] above illegal, especially [b]!!!

Privacy is guaranteed unless there is substantial evidence a crime is being committed or about to be commited and a judge has ordered a 'sting' type operation.

Blair thinks he can do anything he likes and use drugs and pornography as an excuse to attack every law abiding persons civil liberties. he is wrong and the European courts will prove him wrong. So the cybercops better be VERY VERY careful, the European courts will not hesitate to squash Blair and his illegal tribe like the roaches they are.