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ref date:20 Dec 2001 (CD)
Anti terrorist legislation in "UK" is terrorist in nature itself

The right to be a fair, Jury led trial and innocence until PROVEN guilty beyond a reasonable doubt has been a focal point in the justice systems in Scotland (whose legal system is seperate from Englands) and England for a LONG time.

Now, after the attacks in NY Blair used the justifiable feeling of outrage in Westminster and in the public mind to pass laws that parallel the terror justice system operated in such notably oppressive countries as China.

Detention without trial. Detention with no real chance of a trial. Detention at the governments whim for anything THEY consider may be terrorism related. this leaves Islamic people and others who object to heavy handed government policy living in fear wondering if they will be next on the suspected terrorist list. This is STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM.

John Wadham, director of Liberty, said the detentions were "utterly unjust" and pledged to challenge the legislation in the courts. "Arrests under these powers stamp all over basic principles of British justice and the European Convention on Human Rights - even the government admits that. We pride ourselves on our traditions of fairness and justice. By locking people up without clear evidence or access to a proper trial, the government is violating those traditions."