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ref date:22 Oct 1999 (WBA)
Scots judge backs 'lawbreakers' who used international law over UK law

An anti nuclear activists legal representative said of his clients actions in disabling a barge servicing nuclear Trident submarines that a ruling by the International Court of Justice in 1996 made Trident and all nuclear weapons illegal.

This meant that the three women who disabled the barge had basically committed a crime but were acting to prevent other crimes taking place and so, in Scots law, should be acquitted.

Sheriff Gimblett said: "The three took the view that (Trident) was illegal and, given the horrendous nature of nuclear weapons, that they had an obligation in terms of international law to do whatever they could to stop the deployment and use of nuclear weapons in situations construed as a threat."

SO a Scottish judge has said that international law was breached by the "UK" government i.e. Westminster and therefore the activists were simply doing their moral duty to help enforce the anti nuclear ruling.

What a marvellous precedent when Scottish firms start offering encrypted business internet services thus ignoring the new data encryption act from Westminster that is illegal as it breaches basic rights to privacy guaranteed by the European Convention on human rights!