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ref date:3 Feb 2003 (si)
Grass roots parliamentarians may be Scottish power brokers
Its no secret unless your deaf, dumb AND blind - or just a Labour supporter - that many Scots HATE playing second fiddle to London/Wesminsters war mongering, interference, high taxes and total disregard for SCOTTISH ISSUES - to hell with 'British issues'.

Now up to 10 new Scottish 'parliament' members , holding grass roots views for SCOTLAND and Scottish issues may hold the balance of power after Mays Scottish election (in which ex-Pat Scots are DIS-ENFRANCHISED)

These people are TRUE socialists, doctors, supporters of the Scottish fishing industry and health care for the 1million plus people in Glasgow.

What makes them unique is they ARE FOR SCOTTISH ISSUES - not 'British' issues.

Wishing them all the best.