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ref date:9 May 1999 (SI)
SNP state independence is goal for 2003

Alex Salmond, the leader of the SNP and Scotlands second biggest party in the new parliament said

"We will win the next Scottish parliament election, I'm absolutely sure about that," he said yesterday. "Labour are only 5% ahead of us in the regional list - we're within touching distance. In four years' time, do you think Labour are going to be more or less popular than they are now?
I always said this was a marathon, not a sprint. Our expectation was that we were hoping to win, but we're very satisfied with the bridgehead we've established. We're unstoppable now. All the problems are Labour's and all the opportunities are ours."


Flag waving, jingoistic B---S--- helped the SNP lose the election.

Mr Salmond said the bombing would only reinforce the Serbs resistance to NATO without ground troops being involved and YES it has become an "unpardonable folly"

The Lehrer news hour in the USA last night had leading editors from across the USA say that NATO needs to use ground forces to finish this or pull out. That bombing had been ineffective and had NOT stopped the refugee problem.

Alex Salmond was right, but the stupid Union Jack waving Unionist idiots couldn't see it, why pass up the chance to inflict war damage on a poorer country without setting CLEAR goals first? Perhaps these same Unionists want to see the slaughter in East Timor continue with "BRITISH" weapons sold to the Indonesian government too.....